“We came upon this completely by accident. We were testing a shock-absorbing joint in an irrigation system, and we had a dog in our conference room that day. To keep him occupied, we let him chew on one and the rest is history,” says Mark Smith, the inventor of Agrichew.

It’s rare that we will endorse a product here at Animal Lovers Are Life, but this chew toy is so amazing, we had to let you in on the secret. Not only does this thing last forever, all of our dogs go crazy for it! We can’t decide if it’s the bounce, the texture, or even the pleasant smell, but for whatever reason, all of our dogs at the office simply will not leave these alone.

Here’s the scoop from our friends at I Heart Dogs:

Post-It Notes. The Microwave Oven. Pacemakers. X-ray Machines. What do all these products or technologies have in common? They were all invented by complete accident. Sometimes, the most meaningful and impactful products are just that, happy accidents.

That’s why when we heard about this weird, ultra-durable “dog toy,” we had to investigate.

Mark Smith is the owner of a small family business that makes parts for the agricultural industry. Smith’s company is dog-friendly and one day during a meeting, the office dogs got a bit bored.

TPU stands for thermoplastic polyurethane. It’s an ultra-strong, non-toxic, FDA approved, pet-safe material used for many high performance and high stress products. In fact, its most often used by medical device companies. As far as we can tell though, no one has yet made a dog toy out of it, and that’s a shame.

Instead of large pieces chunking off (dangerous) the AgriChew slowly wears down over time. The coarse surface then becomes even more attractive to dogs.

Just like any toy in iHeartDog’s Project Play™ program, every toy you buy will provide a donated toy for a shelter dog. To-date, Project Play™ has funded over 100,000 donated toys for animal shelters across the country.

You can learn more about the AgriChew here.

And check out this awesome video about how Mark Smith came up with the idea…

What’s your dog’s favorite toy?