It doesn’t get much more cold than leaving the family dog behind after moving.  That’s what one Detroit family did without batting an eye.  All they left the poor guy was a mattress and the rest of the junk they put out to the curb.  These are the kind of people who bank on another person’s kindness.

The dog’s name is Boo, and he was left confused not knowing when his family would return.

Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue

Boo waited there a whole month.  The neighbor made sure he was fed and had water, while Boo held onto the faith that his would return one day.  Obviously, he is much more loyal than them.

Then came along Mike Diesel, the founder of Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue.  He was shocked when he heard Boo’s story.

After arriving on the scene, Diesel knew it was going to be a challenge to earn Boo’s trust.

Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue

Diesel offered Boo food in an effort to gain his trust.  The next step was getting him off the old, cruddy mattress.

Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue

Boo and Diesel spent around 11 hours together the first day they met.  Diesel was doing everything in his power to become Boo’s friend.  Similar to a man, the best way into a dog’s heart is through his stomach!

Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue

Diesel stayed by Boo’s side until 2 a.m.  Boo wasn’t quite ready to leave his post.  The next morning, Diesel showed up with McDonald’s breakfast.  The breakfast of champions was finally enough to win Boo’s trust and get a collar around his neck.

Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue

It was a match made in heaven.  They took a walk like they knew each other for years, and then it was nap time.

Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue

It was finally time for Boo to move onto greener pastures…

Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue

The next stop was the vet.  Diesel got there just in the nick of time because the vet found heartworms.  Boo immediately began treatment to rid himself of those dangerous critters.

Next he found a friend!

Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue

Now, Boo needs to find a new home and a more trustworthy family.

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