One of the most treasured bonds you can experience is a relationship with your family dog. These furry friends become treasured members of your family. They live in your home, they travel with you and bring you joy (or frustration) each day. Many families take hundreds of photos and videos to post in their homes or share with the world. Video of one joyful Dalmatian is going viral after she stuck a special pose for her dad.

A Beloved Dog Breed for Generations 

It’s no secret that Dalmatians are awesome. This breed is so beloved that there’s even several classic movies about them, including Disney’s classic film 101 Dalmatians, which has entertained families for several generations.

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Great with Families

Dalmatians have a ton of charm and are great family dogs. But it’s not just the breed’s personality that draws attention. People love them because of their patterned coat that includes black and white spots.

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A Sweet, Big Smile 

One particular Dalmatian named Gabby is quickly becoming a sensation, all thanks to her quirky personality. Her fun actions have been recorded and shared millions of times online and across social media. And once you see her on camera, you’ll understand why Gabby is the newest internet sensation!

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Meet Gabby

This family owns a very kind, loving and special Dalmatian named Gabby. Gabby is very friendly and her family loves having her around. Gabby is now 10-years-old and is a true member of the family.


Gabby Loves the Camera

Gabby is used to her human family taking pictures of herself with everyone. That’s not strange considering how adorable Gabby is! But during one photo session, Gabby offered her human dad a very funny pose for the camera.


Smile, Gabby!

Once Gabby’s dad was ready with the camera, he told the dotted puppy to smile. Gabby’s reaction is what had both her family and the entire world rolling with laughter. The family knew they couldn’t keep this special video to themselves!

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Gabby’s Special Talent 

Once Gabby’s dad told her to “smile” for the camera, she immediately listened. Gabby must have seen her family members pose for the camera for several years and her natural instincts took over.


The Smile Seen Around the World

Of course, Gabby’s family is so proud of this crazy reaction that they had to share Gabby’s special talent with the world. Once the video of Gabby hit the web it spread like wildfire. And for obvious reasons, Gabby is an adorable pup and it makes perfect sense that she would go viral!

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Smile for the Camera! 

Gabby’s special talent not only made her family smile, but made people smile across the world. You’ve got to see Gabby and her now viral talent for yourself! 

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