As soon as you have a child, your life changes forever. An undeniable shift occurs as your parental instincts kick in. Much like humans, animals also undergo this same change; life becomes a matter of looking after your children. So when a predator attacked this innocent baby donkey, her mother went into survival mode, sending her into an emotional tizzy.

This is exactly how Animal Aid Unlimited found the baby donkey and her brave mother. Sadly, the mother couldn’t do much for her bleeding offspring. However, the rescuers… well… they came to the rescue! But the mom wanted to have a say in what went down!

When her baby was injured by an unknown animal, this mama donkey refused to let her out of her sight. Local villagers poured turmeric powder on the injured animal to try and stop the bleeding, but it only made the situation more desperate.

The mom had no idea how she was going to help her foal, but she stuck by her side. Thankfully, help was about to arrive.


After Animal Aid Unlimited showed up to care for the baby, the mom still didn’t want to leave her side. So what did the rescuers do? Well, they let her come along, too, of course!


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