“We knew that someone was hurting the animals in our neighborhood,” said a resident who asked to remain nameless. “And the home owners association had it’s suspicions, but honestly, I was personally shocked when it came out that it was Harrison.”

A young man from Fort Worth, Texas is awaiting trial on animal cruelty charges and is hoping to be free on bond — one more time.

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Harrison Hilliard was arrested last November after he was accused of killing one neighborhood dog and severely injuring another. He returned to the Fort Worth jail again recently for violating his bond after his ankle monitor supposedly lost its charge.

“The truth is that he was walking around in the neighborhood past his curfew,” said a neighbor. “But he can’t be outside after dark. Well, someone reported him to the cops. He’s dangerous, plain and simple.”

Following Monday’s hearing, the judge ordered a risk assessment on Hilliard before she makes a decision whether to re-establish his bond.

Mr. Hilliard is charged with killing a neighbor’s husky with a knife and wounding a second dog.

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Here’s more from Fox News 4:

Hilliard was previously out on $100,000 bond, with strict conditions requiring him to wear a GPS monitor. A couple of weeks later Hilliard was back in jail after he caused probation officers to lose track of him for several hours by not charging his GPS monitor.

Prosecutors brought up that a pile of dead cats was found a block from Hilliard’s home in the time frame when his GPS monitor was not working.

His defense attorney told the judge that there’s never been a link between Hilliard and the cats.

Hilliard lives with his father, who testified that during the time authorities lost track of his son, the two were together at home fixing a water leak.

The case is still pending so prosecutors couldn’t speak on camera.

While we can’t comment on Hilliard’s guilt or innocence, we can speak about the disturbing trend of young people charged with animal cruelty. There seems to be an uprise in the number of teens and college students that are harming dogs, cats, and other pets.

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And although the reasons behind such a trend are most likely multifaceted, you can be sure that violent video games and movies are not helping matters.

Why do you think young people are so quick to resort to violence?