There are good people in this world who do everything in their power to help our four-legged friends.  The group Howl Of A Dog is composed of these kind souls.  They go out of their way to promote animal welfare in the remote stretches of earth.

They recently made a trip to a Romanian village where villagers aren’t quite up to speed on animal rights.  It was their mission to educate the people, provide free spaying/neutering and sprinkle some love on top…

An animal rights group known as Howl Of A Dog took a journey into a remote Romanian village to educate the masses about our beloved four-legged friends…


When they arrived, they found a beautiful stray dog resting on the side of the road.  Finding him was the perfect opening to their journey…


When they made it into the village, they provided free services for the people including neutering/spaying, microchipping, and vaccinations…Watch the full video next!


Watch the full video below!

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