The travel bug takes control of a lot of people in this world, so much so that a lot of people are working from their computers and traveling the world.  One of the most majestic places on earth is a little place called Tory Island off the Northwest coast of Ireland.

On Tory Island, there lives a dog named Ben who the residents consider to be their mascot.  He inspired everyone on the island by doing something that is extremely rare on a daily basis…

Tory Island is a small, majestic island off the Northwest coast of Ireland.  There on the island lives a dog named Ben…


Every day, Ben swims out into the ocean.  At first, his owner didn’t know exactly why Ben wanted to swim every day…


After some time passed, Ben’s owner realized why he loves going out into the ocean every day.  You’ll love when you see the reason why!  Check it out next!


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