Reunions are the best!  What’s better than giving a friend a great big hug after not seeing each other for awhile?  We all know that feeling and how great the energy in those hugs feel.

Our pets can miss their pals just like us.  Animals in nature almost always travel in groups or packs and depend on each other to survive.  People who own multiple pets know how much their pets love each other.  Even if they get on each other’s nerves sometimes, they still love each other.

A husky named Laika met her friend, Rook, when they were only pups.  Their owners were amazed by how well they got along.  Years later, they reunited on Valentine’s Day!

The photo below was taken when Laika and Rook were only puppies.  They played so nice together!


After becoming best buds, they spent years apart…


Then last Valentine’s Day, Laika waited by the door for something special.  She knew there was a surprise in the works!


See the full reunion video below!