When dogs are neglected or living on the street, their fur can become extremely matted.  To the point where the dog is nearly unable to move because of all the extra fur clinging to its body.

When rescuers found the dog featured below, they could barely believe their eyes.  The dog ‘s matted fur was unlike any other case they had ever seen before.  The dog looked more like a moving pile of fur than an actual dog…

When rescuers found the dog featured in this video, they couldn’t believe what they saw.  Its fur had become so matted that it was difficult to see if there was a dog underneath…


After bringing the dog in, the first order of business was shaving off all that extra fur.  Look at the gigantic clump of fur the woman is holding below!


Amazingly enough, there was a very cute dog living underneath of all that fur!  Wait until you see the full video next!


Watch the full video below!

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