Rescue teams are amazing and what they do for animals is heroic. Every year, they receive thousands of calls to locations where animals have been found abandoned and do everything in their power to save the them but even rescuers who’ve done their job for years are shocked by what they see when they arrive. Such is the case when rescuers received a call about puppies in an abandoned building.
Stray Rescue of St. Luis Received Calls About Puppies
Rescuers were called to an abandoned residence after receiving a report that puppies and their momma were living there. Once they got to the scene, they found all 7 puppies sleeping in a bush outside but where was the momma? They didn’t have to go far to find out.

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When Rescuers Find Mom,
They Discover More Puppies

Barking came from inside the abandoned house. When they went inside to investigate, they found the momma dog on the first floor but she wasn’t alone. The rescuers could not believe what they were seeing. What they found was an unexpected surprise!

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VideoMomma Had More Puppies Inside The House
After working to gain momma’s trust, the rescuers went into the abandoned house and discovered she had even more puppies tucked away inside. It was shocking because the house was falling apart. They scrambled to find all 7 puppies and when they were all reunited with momma, they embarked on a new chapter in life.

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