It is hard to say “no” to someone you love. It is especially hard when that someone has the cutest furry face on the planet and the mere thought of turning them away melts at the sight of them. So, when a mother tells her darling husky no, she’s amused by her baby’s response and almost caves in under all the cuteness.
Husky Is Not Allowed On Furniture Or In Office
Nicole Cannizaro made one rule for her Husky, Sasha, and that was not to disturb mommy while she is working in her office. This means poor Sasha is not allowed in, around, or near her mother’s office for a few hours a day while Cannizaro worked. Of course, Sasha doesn’t like this rule and told her mother as much.

Sasha The Husky Misses Her Mother When She Works
Standing at the very edge of the office room door, Sasha yelped and whined every time her mother told her “no”, a word that no one, dog or otherwise, likes to hear. According to Cannizaro, she and Sasha spend every minute together when she isn’t working. Sasha misses her when it’s time to work but this time, when Cannizaro went to work, Sasha wasn’t going to let her get away so easily.

Three Little Huskies
When Her Mother Says No, Sasha Gets Feisty