A recent video leak is now proving that circus tigers are mistreated behind the scenes.  The video shows how the “trainers” use fear and force to control the tigers.

The incident happened at the Pensacola Interstate Fair in Florida.  At first, everything seemed okay, until things suddenly spiraled out of control.  The crowd was watching a trainer inside the cage with the tiger.  The trainer lost her balance, and within seconds the tiger was on top of her.

Another trainer rushed in to save the trainer from the excited tiger by whipping it with full force and yelling at it.  It was obvious this wasn’t the first time the tiger was whipped or beaten to instill fear into it.

The tiger pulled the female trainer by her leg across the cage before letting her go.  The crowd was appalled and could barely watch.  Kids were left terrified and crying.

View the full video below at your own risk.  Someone in the crowd was able to shoot the entire sequence.

Luckily for the female trainer, she was not fatally injured and walked away with only minor injuries.  It’s not hard for a tiger to maul a human in an instant with it’s massive jaw.

At the end of the video, you can hear someone say, “Close the door.”  In essence, the lives of everyone in the crowd were in danger considering the door was wide open for the tiger to escape.

This incident is only a microcosm of the cruelty circus tigers endure.  They are often seen with scars and missing patches of fur from abuse and neglect.

Ringling Bros. Circus white tiger showing scars Jay Pratte

Everyone needs to see this video and realize how badly circus animals are being treated.  It’s time for people to stop paying for any shows where tigers and lions are part of the act.

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