Inside Marleen Elizabeth Puzak’s gorgeous Denver home, police and animal control officers found twelve dead french bulldogs, frozen and preserved!

“You could tell she didn’t want us looking around,” said police officer Cristy. “We had to wear those Tyvek body suits to even walk around inside the home. Those are normally reserved for situations where there has been a chemical spill or something like that. It’s a biohazard, chemical hazard suit.”

Denver police officer R. Cristy made the grisly discovery himself. While looking around the garage, he came upon a large freezer.

“The freezer really stood out because everything else was so dirty and disgusting. But the freezer was clean, like it had been kept up. It had a lock on it and of course, that really drew my attention.”

When the officer brought out a pair of bolt cutters from his squad car, Ms. Puzak knew her time had come.

“She just went white and all the color drained from her face,” officer Cristy said. “It’s really sad you know, she’s very pretty and soft spoken. It’s a shame what she had going on inside her house. Just terrible.”

After the officer cut the lock off, he lifted up the freezer door. From the frosty tomb, a frozen-stiff brindle bulldog stared back up at him with bulging eyeballs. He was just one of twelve they would find packed neatly into the freezer.

“That’s George,” Marleen Puzak said from the corner where she stood. “He was my best baby.”

Well, what happened to Ms. Puzak you might be wondering…

Did she go to prison? Did she go crazy?

Or maybe she got an excellent attorney and bought her way out of this insane mess?

The truth, sometimes, is actually stranger than fiction…