A 15-year-old boy says his recently adopted Pit Bull made all the difference when armed intruders entered his house this past Monday. It happened just after breakfast in the 2600 block of West Monroe Street in Springfield, Missouri.

“We had just finished eating breakfast and cleaning up the kitchen. We had cereal and toast because we didn’t want to wash any dishes,” Michael Williams said. “That’s when we went upstairs to go play video games.”

Michael’s older brother, Donnie, remembers that they heard a strange noise.

“It sounded like something falling, but it was actually the robbers breaking down the door inside our garage,” Donnie later told police. “Because my mom or dad’s car wasn’t outside, I guess they thought nobody was home.”

Blu, their Pit Bull, perked his ears up and intently watched the door to the bedroom the boy’s shared. Donnie, who’s a year and half older than his brother, paused the game and they listened.

“You couldn’t hear anything after that. It was quiet,” Michael remembered. “Then you could just barely hear a couple of guys talking downstairs. I wondered if it was the television, like maybe we had left it on in the living room. But then I realized that they were cursing and you can’t curse on t.v. shows.”

Donnie got up and locked the door to their bedroom. Almost instantly, the knob began turning and they heard what sounded like two men outside the room arguing in Spanish.

“They shot the door twice and then kicked it open. That’s when Blue jumped on the first guy. He was barking and biting his arm. It was really scary,” Donnie recalled.

That’s when the armed intruder aimed the gun at Blu and pulled the trigger…