The Cops And K-9 Begin Their Training Exercises Together

It was early in the morning, and a small group of South African police officers ventured into a large grassy field to help train one of their canine companions.

The dog was new to the force, and they needed to start introducing him to his training exercises.

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“Although our furry friends make their service jobs look easy, the truth is that it takes literally hundreds of hours to train a dog,” said canine behaviorist Allen Ginseng.

And while it’s difficult to mold an animal’s behavior into strict compliance with a human’s intention, it’s definitely possible.

“The trick is consistency,” added Ginseng. “You start young, apply the training methods everyday, and focus on rewarding good behavior. It’s so much easier to encourage a dog to do what you want, as opposed to stopping him from doing something you don’t.”

That particular training session seemed like just another day, but it was anything but…