“They just came in our house and trashed the place. And our baby, he was innocent,” the home owner said. “What they did to him is disgusting. They’re monsters.”

Three young men from Columbia, North Carolina, are facing multiple felony charges, including cruelty to animals, after shooting a pit bull puppy in a home they set out to rob.

On February 7th, officers with the Tyrrell County Sheriff’s Office responded to a breaking and entering call. Upon arrival, deputies found a pit bull that had been shot and a home had been ransacked.

Here’s the details from our friends at WTCI12:

Raheem Spencer, 23, was charged with felony breaking entering and larceny and felony cruelty to animals after deputies were able to determine that the injured pit bull had been shot during the breaking and entering. He was on probation for felonious larceny at the time.

Dequan Spencer, 25, was also arrested on the same charges. He had been previously convicted of several felony criminal offenses and spent active time in the North Carolina Department of Corrections, officials said.

Kareem Spencer, 16, was also charged with the same offenses. All three were placed in the Dare County Detention Center on a $10,000 bond.

It’s obvious that these young men have no respect for God’s creatures, the sanctity of life, or property other people have worked hard for. Each of these monsters have a rap sheet a mile long, even the sixteen-year-old. The two older men both have convictions that had previously sent them to prison.

You think that this can never happen to you or to your family. You say, “We live in a nice neighborhood, there’s little crime, we don’t even lock our doors sometimes.”

But I hate to be the one to break it to you, this kind of thing is everywhere. Young people have been raised without responsible parents, with drugs and alcohol in the home, and this is the result.

Take it from us, get a security system and arm it when you leave. If you can, have a friend watch your pet. And always lock your door.

You never know who’s going to be on the other side of it.

Do you leave your pet home alone?