“We were literally there for twenty minutes with our Golden Retriever Charlie,” said Wanda Claiborne. “Once we got home and settled in, we realized he was acting strange. That’s when he started vomiting and wouldn’t stop.”

A cadre of concerned pet owners are claiming that their dogs got sick after visiting the Crescenta Valley Dog Park and authorities are trying to figure out why.

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The park, located at 3901 Dunsmore Avenue, was closed this Tuesday “out of an abundance of caution,” according to the County of Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation.

Here’s more from ABC7:

After receiving several calls of dogs getting sick, the department said it immediately “followed established procedures” and contacted the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control, which will determine the cause of illness.

Officials told Eyewitness News they don’t believe anything inside the park made the animals sick, but the facility will remain closed until more details on the cause are known.

“We believe it’s an infection with the dogs. People brought maybe a sick dog to the facility, and it’s spreading that way. We believe that it’s not environmental,” said Anthony Montanez of the L.A. Department of Parks and Recreation.

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Some dog owners who have frequented the park for years said they aren’t convinced with the city’s explanation.

“Our dog didn’t even interact with any other dogs,” said Wanda Claiborne. “In fact, I think there was only one other dog there while we were. It doesn’t make any sense. Our vet told us that from Charlie’s liver enzyme levels, it looked like he had eaten something toxic.”

Officials said they’ll determine how to clean the park after they figure out exactly what made the dogs sick. Their hope is to get the park reopened by Saturday, according to officials.

In the last few months, we’ve reported on several cases of random dog poisonings: one incident occurred in New York and the other in a suburb of Portland, Oregon. While these random acts of violence are rare, it does pay to be cautious.

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If you plan on taking your dog to known dog trail or park, keep a close watch on what he or she sniffs or attempts to eat off the ground. It’s best not to allow them to eat anything other than their store-bought dog food.

Do you frequent a dog park or nature trail with your sweet boy or girl?