When kids get together, they sometimes do demonic things.  It’s difficult for an adult to understand why children do these things.  When I see something like the following video, it makes me want to blame the parents.  No child or adult alike should be so cruel.

The poor dog below was found in a cardboard box barely breathing.  Children covered the puppy in glue and then threw it in the mud.  When rescuers found the poor pup, it could barely move and was hanging on by a thread…

Children teamed up to terrorize this poor puppy.  They covered it in glue and tossed it into the mud.  By the time they finished, they put it into a cardboard box to die…


When rescuers found the puppy, it was understandably in shock.  The poor guy could barely move and was struggling to breathe…


Amazingly enough, rescuers were able to rehabilitate the dog and cut off all of the damaged hair.  Watch the amazing transformation next!


Watch the full video below!

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