“He had thrown human waste on us before,” said corrections officer Joe Depillo. “And he was cussing at us, threatening us. This went on for hours. Finally, we brought in the dog.”

The Columbia County District Attorney says criminal charges won’t be filed in connection with a deputy who sent a patrol dog into a county jail cell last summer. An unruly inmate wasn’t complying with staff’s orders and they apparently had enough!

A review of the evidence in the case showed K9 handler Deputy Ryan Dews and other deputies used a reasonable amount of force against Christopher Bartlett on August 1.

Check it out from Oregon Live:

Bartlett, 47, was bitten on the arm by Lars, a 3-year-old Belgian Malinois, because he wouldn’t follow deputies’ instructions when they were moving Bartlett from a temporary holding cell in one jail block to another cell in a high-security unit, Dickerson told The Oregonian/OregonLive in December.

Besides being uncooperative, Bartlett was warned ahead of time that his actions could lead to him getting bitten by the patrol dog, the memo said. Additionally, Bartlett had a history of attacking and threatening law enforcement officers as recently as July, other use of force options could have endangered other people, and Bartlett had no apparent mental illness that appeared to play a factor in the August 1 jail bite, according to the district attorney.

According to the memo, Bartlett was “causing a disruption” and refused to put his hands through a cell door port to be handcuffed over the course of nearly six hours before Lars was allowed into the cell. Deputies ordered Bartlett to do so at least once every 45 minutes.

 At some point, Bartlett began throwing items around the cell, and other inmates in the unit were taking their shirts off “in protest of the irritating situation they were having to endure all day,” the memo said.

The body camera footage shows Dews order the dog into the cell, and the dog jumps onto Bartlett and bites his left arm just above his elbow as Bartlett is on the ground.

Dews yells at Bartlett to stop resisting as Lars bites his arm. Dews moves Lars off Bartlett as other deputies hold Bartlett down and handcuff him.

“In certain limited situations, a police canine may be the most advantageous manner to quell a disturbance, prevent an escape or extract a combative inmate from a cell,” the grand jury report said.

Here’s the video:

Do you think the use of the dog was justified?