“When I opened the refrigerator, I couldn’t believe it,” Police woman Jackie Daniels told reporters. “I’ve seen a lot of crazy things in my time on the force, but never anything like this.”

When a Pima County Constable accompanied a condo owner to serve an eviction notice, she thought it would be a routine call. “We do these everyday,” Jackie Daniels said.

But what she found inside a Tucson home blew this seasoned police woman away…

Here’s the scoop per the Tucson News Now:

Pima Animal Care Center responded to its first potential animal hoarding situation for 2018 on Wednesday, Jan. 17 at 11:14 a.m. 

According to a PACC news release there was a large number of cats, estimates are at 40 or more, found in the residence during a lockout initiated by a Pima County Constable.  

The owner of the condo, Abdul Khayat, said he was serving an eviction notice when he found out the renter, Delly Pery, had changed the locks. 
He said Pery did not pay her full rent. 

Khayat said when he and the Constable got inside the house, they were shocked to see cats everywhere. 

“I saw one cat tied with a wire to a chair and three kittens around her,” Khayat said. “There was a dead cat inside the freezer. It made me sick to my stomach.”

Pery spoke with Tucson News Now and said she paid her rent. 

Tucson News Now asked her why she had so many cats in the home. She said she started off with just two cats and that it “just ballooned from there.”

“I know how to take good care of them, I separate the girls and the boys,” Pery said. “Those are my babies.” 

PACC’s Animal Protection Services already had an open investigation into the home near Speedway and Pantano, and APS officers were on scene for hours. 

PACC said they were aware of a possible hoarding situation at this home and have been keeping an eye on it. 

The cats are under medical evaluation at PACC and are being prepared for later adoptions. 

Delly Pery is the chief executive officer for a local software company. She has reportedly had mental health issues in the past and is “under a doctor’s care.”

What should happen to this woman? Should she go to jail?

And why in the world would you put a dead cat in your freezer?