Bulldogs are a great dog breed.  They don’t only look unique, they have unique personalities too.  It’s not uncommon to meet a bulldog who is real goofball.  The bulldog featured in this video named Chubby likes his walks a certain way.

If Chubby doesn’t receive his customary special treat on each walk, he becomes sad and throws a tantrum.  The thing is, it’s the neighbor who gives him the special treat.  When the neighbor wasn’t home on this particular day, Chubby wouldn’t budge!

Chubby the bulldog is a man who likes his treats.  When his owner takes him for a walk, they always make sure to stop at the neighbor’s house…


The neighbor always gives Chubby a special treat during his walk.  One day, the neighbor wasn’t home.  Oh no!


Chubby wouldn’t move a muscle without seeing the neighbor first.  He wanted his treat more than anything else in the word.  Watch the full hilarious clip next!


Watch the full video below!

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