Some people love dressing up their dogs in clothes.  Sometimes owners want to make their dogs look super cute, and other times they want to make sure to keep them warm.  The woman in this video was going for the former option.  She wanted her bulldog puppy named Marshall to look absolutely adorable.

The problem was Little Marshall wasn’t a fan of the red and white striped sweater.  He threw the funniest little Marshall signature temper tantrum while his mom asked him what the big fuss was about?

Little Marshall the bulldog puppy is a bulldog with a ton of personality.  His mom dressed him up in a sweater to make him look extra adorable, but there was one big problem…


Little Marshall didn’t like the sweater!  He threw the funniest little tantrum to let his mother know he didn’t want it on…


Little Marshall rolls around and tries to shake it off.  You’ll crack up when you see the full video!  Click next and enjoy!


Watch the full video below!

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