A wealthy couple was charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty in Auburn, Massachusetts on Tuesday. From the outside, their home was the perfect picture of suburban affluence with a manicured lawn and two Mercedes-Benz convertibles parked in the stone driveway. Inside, it was hellish prison for over 60 cats and dogs with the walls covered in feces, trash everywhere, and dead animals in trash bags.

Here’s the sad story per Fox 25 Boston:

Auburn Police announced Wednesday morning they executed a search warrant on Buron Terrace Tuesday.

The search warrant was granted after police received reports of cats and dogs living in unsanitary conditions.

The property owners have been the subject of 11 complaints filed with the Board of Health since 1993 – all were investigated.

Check it out from the Boston Globe:

Sixty-one cats and dogs that were living in filthy and unsanitary conditions were removed from a home in Auburn on Tuesday afternoon, police said.

Officials discovered that a 67-year-old Auburn woman was breeding and selling animals, including two litters of puppies and four litters of kittens, out of her 4 Buron Terrace home, said Detective Sergeant Scott Mills. Police received 11 complaints from neighbors and people who purchased animals that later turned out to be sick, he said.

“The conditions were filthy and unfit for humans or animals,” Mills said. “There were reports that the animals were suffering from diseases or parasitic infections that are obtained from being exposed to animal feces.”

We’ve all heard this old adage a million times, but it doesn’t make it any less true:

“Do not judge a book by it’s cover.”

The wealthy couple in this story were pillars of their community and active in various organizations. But, within the confines of their beautiful home, a disgusting holocaust was taking place. Although it’s unclear if the couple is mentally ill, negligent, or on drugs… But any way you slice it, this terrible state of affairs must be stopped.

There should be a national animal abuse registry put in place so people like this can never own or care for animals again. Just like sex offenders, anyone who hurts an animal intentionally is likely to do it again.

How much time should they receive for this?