“The conditions were filthy and unfit for humans or animals,” Officer Mills said. “We had reports from concerned neighbors that the animals were suffering from diseases and parasitic infections. It’s criminal what was going on inside that mansion.”

When Auburn Police executed a search warrant at a palatial Buron Terrace home, they were shocked at what they found. The neighborhood is known for it’s mansion-sized, million dollar homes, pristine streets, and picturesque gardens.

“It’s rare to even give a speeding ticket there,” Officer Mills said. “Much less execute a search warrant.”

The search warrant was granted after police received reports of cats and dogs living in unsanitary conditions. The property owners have been the subject of 11 complaints filed with the Board of Health since 1993 – all were investigated.

The fifteen-year veteran of the force was appalled when an elegant woman opened the front door. The smell of feces and urine poured out and hit the officer like a ton of bricks.

“My partner started gagging,” Mills said. “But the woman, she acted as if she couldn’t smell it. She was used to it.”

From behind her, the officers could hear what sounded like several dogs barking. From their own reports, they were woefully unprepared for what they found inside that home…