Abuse is never fun to hear about but it needs to be discussed nonetheless, especially when an act of heroism intervenes its ugly process and puts an end to the cycle. Heroes come in many forms and in this story, our hero is the best friend of many families. This hero keeps burglars at bay and isn’t shy about calling out abusers right in front of them.

Family Dog, Killian, Suspicious of Babysitter

A family in Charleston, South Carolina were very thorough in their search for a babysitter to help care for their 7 month baby, Finn. When they interviewed Alexis Khan, they thought they found a responsible and kind babysitter to work with. A few months later, however, their dog, Killian, begins behaving strangely around the babysitter and it’s not long before they discover why.

ABC News

Dogs Can Sense Untrustworthy People
According to experts, dogs can and do pick up on  human behavior. They read our micro-expressions, our body language, tone of voice, and our interactions with us. Bizarre as this might sound, medical dogs are trained to smell a spike in illnesses of the body, to sense an increase in blood pressure, a spike in blood sugar, and even the onset of a seizure. So yes, dogs can sense when someone isn’t trustworthy.

BBC News

The Babysitter, Alexis Khan, Seemed Responsible

When the parents, Benjamin and Hope Jordan, met with Khan, they were impressed by her resume and her attitude. They ran thorough background checks and carefully selected her after a series of searches and interviews. To the Jordans, Khan was responsible, experience, patient, and kind. They saw nothing to worry them about the woman who was going to babysit their son.

NY Daily News