This is incredible. An Emu and a dog are an unlikely pair for most people, but for one family that’s completely normal.

Meet Emee, the family emu! If you look closely you can see her living area in the background 🙂 Emus are often thought of as exotic birds only seen on TV or, if you are lucky, on that interesting farm you happen to drive by once. However, Emus can make excellent pets for the right people!

These large (about2 5 to 6 feet tall!), flightless birds are beautifully distinctive animals. As you might have guessed based on their size, Emus do require ample space to live and grow, but this doesn’t mean that you need to own a farm to enjoy all of the benefits of Emu ownership.


Unbeknownst to Emee, she was about to meet another equally important member of the family…