Remember trying to fight off going to sleep as a kid?  It’s nearly impossible to beat.  Our eyes start feeling like they weigh a ton, and our heads start bobbing.  When the little boy in this video knelt down to pet his dog, he was mighty tired.

He tried his best to fight off the ensuing nap, but it was too strong.  The boy made a few good runs at it to keep himself upright.  Eventually, Mr. Sandman won the battle…

This little boy did his absolute best to fight off his upcoming nap.  He knelt down to pet his dog and became very tired in the process…


You can see him try to snap his eyes open a few times.  Then he starts bobbing his head as he succumbs to Mr. Sandman…


The dog knows his little brother is about to pass out.  Once you see the dog’s reaction after the boy topples over, you’ll let out a big “AWW!”


Watch the full video below!

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