HUGE WIN for animal lovers!  Because of the growing animal community and more people standing up for animal rights, animal abuse is no longer something people can get away with.

Numerous jurisdictions across the United States made a bold move to begin keeping track of animal abusers similar to the way sex offenders are registered…

Jurisdictions across America created a new law to keep track of animal abusers the same way sex offenders are registered.  New York City and Tampa are two cities on the growing list…


Shelters and pet stores will now have the ability to ensure buyers and potential adopters are clear of any previous cases of animal abuse.  If they did abuse an animal, their names will appear in the registry…


These new laws should make people think twice before abusing or hurting an animal.  It will also keep animals out of the hands of abusive parents.  Please share this message to help end animal abuse nationwide!


Do you think more people should adopt instead of shop?

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