If there is one animal dogs love chasing off the porch at night, it’s a raccoon!  Their relationship is comparable to cat and mouse.

Recently, a young raccoon named Jonathan tragically lost his mother in a car accident.  He was not quite ready to live in the wild without a parent and a kind family decided to give him shelter until he was ready to return to the wild.

When the family dog, Roxy, first met Jonathan, she was ready to pounce.  The family had to ease her into accepting Jonathan.  Eventually, Roxy found an unlikely new best friend.  By the time Jonathan grew, the family decided to keep him around.

You can see a photo of the two BFFs below:


Isn’t amazing how happy they are together!

The family told Inside Edition they share toys and even treats!  It’s hard to decide which is more amazing, a dog and a raccoon together, or a dog sharing its treats!


Be sure to check out the full video below!

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