Police officers see all types of strange stuff on a daily basis.  Officer James Givens of the Cicinatti Police Department served for over 26 years before he saw the strangest incident he’d ever seen while on the force.

Officer Givens was sitting in his car when all of a sudden a goose began pecking his patrol car.  The goose quacked at Officer Givens.  He had no clue what the goose wanted so he got out of the car…

Officer Givens of the Cincinnati Police Department encountered a goose one day in the strangest of ways.  He was sitting in his patrol car when the goose rolled up and started pecking his car…


He looked out the window and saw the goose staring back at him.  The goose started quacking.  Officer Givens decided to hop out of the car and see what his new feathered friend wanted…


After exiting the car, the goose began walking in the opposite direction.  Being the good baby goose he is, the officer followed the adult goose’s lead.  About 100 yards into their walk, he found out what the goose wanted!  Check out the full video next!


Watch the full video below!

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