When people come together, they can do amazing things.  In Almaty, Kazakhstan, a group of strangers noticed a dog down in the reservoir.  They knew without their help, the dog most likely would have drowned and died.

At first, one man jumped down into the reservoir to try and save the dog.  He had no way of getting himself out with the dog.  People standing above the reservoir knew they needed to come up with an idea to get them both out…

When people in Kazakhstan saw a dog trapped down in a reservoir, they knew they needed to help before the dog drowned…


One man jumped down to try and save the dog on his own.  He ended up getting stuck down there with the dog…


People above the reservoir knew they needed to help and came up with a brilliant idea.  They formed a human chain to hoist the dog out.  Check out the full exciting video next!


Watch the full video below!

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