There are some crazy stories in the animal community, and this one may be one of the craziest.  An incident occurred in India that completely defied the laws of nature.  One day, a man noticed a dog pacing around a well.  He knew there must be something down there that was worrying the dog.

When he looked down into the well, he was completely blown away by what he saw.  The man knew he needed to quickly find help or a way to get down into the well…

One afternoon, a man in India noticed a dog pacing around a well.  He figured the dog must be worried about something down in the well so he decided to look down…


Once he looked down into the well, he immediately realized why the mother dog was so worried.  Her puppies had fallen into a well with a King Cobra inside!


Amazingly enough, the cobra didn’t attack the puppies!  It actually led the puppies to the safe part of the well.  In case you didn’t know, King Cobras are one of the most deadly snake species.  It defies the laws of nature for a cobra not to attack these puppies.  The puppies were rescued after spending about 48 hours with their roommate the snake.


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