Losing a member of the family is never easy for anyone, even if that member of the family happens to be a dog.  The Callaghan family sure did love their dog, Bandit.  When they rescued him, it was his fourth home.

Bandit came with a heap of health issues, but they didn’t mind.  The family did everything they could to keep him happy and healthy.  During his 15 years of life, Bandit required numerous surgeries.  The final surgery ended up taking his life…

Meet Bandit, he was a former member of the Callaghan family.  When the Callaghan’s kindly adopted Bandit, the dog was already on his fourth home…


He came with health problems, but the family’s love him was more important than money.  Bandit required several surgeries while in their care.  After his final surgery, unfortunately, Bandit passed away at age 15…


The family was understandably devastated when they lost their long time friend and family member.  Two days after Bandit’s passing, his mom noticed that his water bowl was still left out.  When she looked down into the bowl, there was a face staring back at her.  Do you think this was a coincidence or a sign from Bandit?


Do you think more people should adopt instead of shop?

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