Every now and then we come across animal stories that make us cry, smile, or outright laugh. These stories warm our hearts and make those of us without pets wish we had them. And maybe there’s a way to have a dog without owning it, as this woman discovered on a summer day when she came home to an unexpected surprise.

The Beginning

A woman finds a dog sitting in her yard, patiently waiting for her return.  The odd thing about this? The dog isn’t her and upon further inspection, she suspects he belongs to someone else. His coat is well groomed and maintained. He’s clean and his nails are polished and clipped. It quickly becomes clear to the woman that this dog loitering in her yard is loved and taken care of. So, why is he in her yard?

The dog in her yard was a golden retriever.
The Possibilities of the Pooch

The woman considered the golden retriever might be lost or that he might have been abandoned. She asked around the neighborhood, questioning if the dog might belong to them or if he’d wandered into their yards. When they all said no, the woman worried. Surely a dog cared for so well would be missed? So, she set out to find where he belonged.

A Hunt

When a healthy dog is found, the first thing most people are advised to do is call the local pet council if one is available. If one doesn’t operate in your area, the next step would be to call rescuers, shelters, and local vets to find out if anyone is missing a dog. Most of the time, people with skip these steps to read the dog tag or create “found” posters. Did the woman do this? No, she did this.