“We want to make it a crime for United Airlines, or any other carrier, to do something like this again,” Senator John Kennedy from Louisiana said. “That dog should have never been put in that overhead bin. Period.”

For more than three hours, a passenger’s dog was inside an overhead bin on United Airlines Flight 1284 from Houston to New York after a flight attendant insisted the animal be “stored there.”

It turns out that was a deadly mistake.
When the plane landed at LaGuardia Airport on Monday night, the dog was deceased.
Although United Airlines is calling the dog’s death a “tragic accident,” two Senators have stepped forward to make sure this never happens again.

Here’s the story from CNN:

A bipartisan pair of senators on Thursday filed the Welfare Of Our Furry Friends (WOOFF) Act to prohibit putting animals in overhead compartments on flights following the death of a dog in an overhead cabin on a United Flight this week.

Louisiana Republican Sen. John Kennedy and Nevada Democratic Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto filed the bill, which would also direct the Federal Aviation Administration to establish fines for putting animals in overhead bins, after the viral story of a French bulldog’s death prompted Kennedy to write a letter to United on Wednesday.
“In a lot of respects, dogs are how people ought to be,” Kennedy said on CNN’s “New Day” Thursday morning.
Calling the most recent incident “disgraceful,” Kennedy noted that United accounted for the majority of animal deaths on flights among US carriers and vowed to push for a legislative fix.
 “I don’t particularly enjoy having to legislate, or trying to legislate, common decency,” Kennedy said. “But by God, I’m going to do it until they take this seriously.”
“We assume full responsibility for this tragedy and express our deepest condolences to the family and are committed to supporting them,” the airline said on Tuesday. “We are thoroughly investigating what occurred to prevent this from ever happening again.”
Yeah, too bad that United Airlines is practically known at this point for killing dogs, loosing pets, and charging an arm and a leg to do so!
Do you think the senators’ bill will make a difference?