Whenever we find animals in distress, we do our best to save them.  Abandoned baby animals can be the hardest to save because they need their mothers’ nourishment to survive.  When a Florida resident named Jeff Longo found this baby creature on the sidewalk, everyone told him it wouldn’t survive.

Longo was determined to nurse the baby creature back to health and ensure its survival.  He did everything in his power to help the little guy.  It’s amazing what a little love can do…

When Florida resident Jeff Longo found this baby creature on the sidewalk, it was barely alive.  It had been abandoned by its mother and needed her nourishment to survive.  People told Jeff he had no chance of saving the animal…


That didn’t stop Jeff from trying.  He nursed the little creature back to health.  Eventually, he found out that it’s a Southern flying squirrel…


Longo said, “I posted pictures on Reddit that day and had a bunch of know-it-alls tell me she would die, because I am not an animal rehabber.”  He used puppy formula and heavy cream to feed her.  It obviously worked because now she is a member of the family and all grown up.  Watch the adorable video next!  You’ll love it!


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