Unlikely friendships are the name of the game lately, and I’m loving the game.  It’s a beautiful sight to see two or more living creatures who “aren’t” supposed to be friends become the best of friends.  Seeing the impossible is a good way to warm the hearts of millions which is exactly what the man is doing below.

Years ago, an otter walked up to his front door.  He didn’t know exactly what the otter wanted so he guessed.  Well, he guessed right because he fed the otter, and they’ve been best friends ever since…

One day, an otter knocked on this man’s front door.  At first, he didn’t know exactly what the otter wanted.  He guessed and gave it some food…


It ended up being a good guess because they instantly became best friends and have been hanging out ever since.  Imagine how cool it’d be to hang out with an otter every day, definitely way better than all those text buddies clogging up your phone…


When you see the way they interact, you’ll be amazed.  Keep in mind, this is a wild otter that’s never been tamed.  Enjoy!


Watch the full video below!

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