The tragic death of Robin Williams in 2014 came as a unbelievable shock for the legions of his devoted fans. An entire generation grew up watching his movies and laughing at his standup comedy until they cried. Now his close friends and confidants are shedding light on the comedian’s final days, giving us all another reason to shed a tear…

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A Cinematic Treasure & Unparalleled Comic Genius

Robin William is, without a doubt, one of the most talented and beloved actors in all of film and television history. With iconic roles in movies such as Mrs. Doubtfire, Dead Poets Society, and Good Will Hunting, Williams demonstrated a unique versatility and depth that is legendary. The day he died, people of all different persuasions mourned the loss of an actor who knew no distinctions. And yet, there was still more to the story…

The Senseless Tragedy Of His Death

When the star unexpectedly took his own life, the world was devastated. But few know that the days leading up to his passing were as painful as the act itself. While there has been much speculation about the reason behind his death — from guilt over divorce, recent career failures, to Parkinson’s disease — his friends and family are finally sharing the truth about William’s deep-rooted struggles.

What Really Caused His Downward Spiral?

After his passing, it was uncovered that Williams likely suffered from a form of dementia which puts one at risk for severe depression and suicide. After struggling to regain his footing in the tumultuous film industry, the usually jovial actor began to transform in distressing ways.

According to friends, Williams’ final weeks consisted of descending into detachment and facing his struggle with alcoholism in a treatment center. Afterward, he resorted to sleeping through the day and night, rejecting food, and struggling to respond to texts and calls.

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Enter William’s Final Night

The 63-year-old, who was prone to episodes of insomnia and anxiety throughout his life, spent his final 24 hours frantically looking up drugs online. He was convinced that he had another illness.

The post-mortem examination later revealed that Williams’ suspicions were correct. He had been suffering from Lewy body dementia – an undiagnosed illness would could have been the root cause of his bizarre behavior.

According to Williams’ post-mortem report, the beloved funny man spent his last night at his Californian home with wife Susan Schneider. But at some point in his final day, the comedian cut his wrists, although he subsequently cleaned his bathroom of the blood and bandaged himself.

The actor was found hanging in his closet from a belt around his neck.

Blood samples taken after his death showed he had not taken cocaine or alcohol in the last 24 hours of his life. The toxicology report showed Williams’ moods were being controlled by mirtazapine, which is used to treat depressive disorders.

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