Selfless heroes are an endangered species.  In the world we live in today, it’s all about me, me, me!  Stories like this one are important to share and remind everyone how important it is to help others while expecting nothing in return.

Firefighter and animal lover Dan Estrada was enjoying a hike with his friends and dogs behind his home in San Lorenzo Valley, California when he noticed something strange…

Meet firefighter Dan Estrada, one day he stumbled upon something out of the ordinary in the woods behind his California home…


He, his friend, and his dogs were taking a hike when they noticed a lost dog in the woods.  When they first approached the dog, it wasn’t moving.  Then when they moved closer, the dog lifted its head…


The dog Estrada found was a 12-year-old blind Labrador named Sage.  Sage had been missing for over a week.  The neighborhood had posted signs and conducted an extensive search but came up empty.  When Estrada found Sage, she was weak after not being properly fed or hydrated for a week.  He hoisted her onto his back and carried her home.  The owner was so grateful, he offered Estrada a $1,000 reward.  Estrada wouldn’t accept the money and told them to donate the money to an animal charity.  Estrada told Today, “It’s too easy to be caught up in daily life, too easy to miss the opportunity to be a blessing in your community.”  What a great man!  Share his story and inspire others!


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