When we think of two people committing to love each other for the rest of their lives, our minds conjure pictures of white doves, gorgeous flowers, and delicious cake. Motivated brides spend small fortunes to plan and execute the perfect experience but matter how carefully an event is prepared, the unexpected can still happen.

43. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

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Parties are supposed to be fun, right? These ladies may have had a little too much fun!

The open bar served as the inspiration for this unflattering photo.

An important point of etiquette to remember: wedding receptions are not nightclubs!

42. Is She Going To Carry Him Down The Runway?

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I honestly think this bridezilla could eat the groom whole. I am always interested in knowing how relationships like this come about. Maybe opposites really do attract?

Well, and if the blushing bride does decide to indulge in some honeymoon cannibalism, at least the groom has military training.

He should probably be able to escape…

41. Did She Run Out of Fabric?


This dress was for a lady with A cups, not DD.  But flaunt it if you got it, honey!

Don’t you know that her father is so proud of his little girl on her special day? And speaking of inappropriate photos, checkout the next item on our list…