“They realized that not only was the poor dog was so emaciated that he couldn’t stand, but that his collar was severely impacting his ability to breath,” said Chortyk. “Once we got a good look at him, we realized this dog was in critical condition.”

Lorie Chortyk, with the B.C. SPCA, says constables were called to a home in Duncan on Feb. 16, after receiving reports of a dog in distress.

Chortyk said when they arrived at the property, they found a mixed-breed dog chained up with a leash that was literally only inches long. The dog couldn’t move or even stand.

When constables got closer to the dog, they noticed a horrible smell coming from him…

Here’s the story from Global News:

Nearly 40,000 people have signed a petition calling for maximum legal penalties to be applied against the owners of a Vancouver Island dog that died after being found in what the BC SPCA called “profoundly shocking and disturbing” conditions.

Despite extensive surgery and 24-hour care, the dog died two days after being seized.

Its owners, two Duncan residents, have been charged with animal cruelty under the Criminal Code of Canada.

Now, a petition titled “Justice for Teddy!” is calling for prosecutors to seek the maximum legal penalty for that offense: five years in prison, a $10,000 fine and a lifetime ban on owning animals.

“This poor animal was found starving, chained, and his collar choking him,” states the petition.

“We are petitioning Crown Council and our local MLA Doug Routley to ask that the maximum penalty be imposed on them for their horrific act of animal abuse.”

The petition also calls for a letter writing campaign to both the Namaimo-North Cowichan MLA and Crown prosecutors demanding the maximum penalty.

This is a truly horrific story and it breaks our hearts to even report something this gruesome. However, there is some light and hope here. The fact that the community has come together in this way and got over 40,000 signatures on the petition is amazing. That really shows that most people genuinely care about the welfare of animals and want to see justice served to those that harm God’s creatures.

How long should these two go to prison for?