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When it comes to trashy, there is no short supply here in the piney woods of East Texas. From ragged-out mobile homes to tackily decorated McMansions, we’ve got a wide gamut of socioeconomic backgrounds and wallet sizes represented. Of course, income level has never had much to do with taste — heck, the trashiest people I know also happen to be the richest!

So whether you count yourself as one of the classless, or just like to gawk at rude and inappropriate behavior like the rest of us; pull up a chair! We’ve scoured the internet and put together a comprehensive list of the 30 absolute worst social media posts from 2018.

And while you might not find your uncle who likes to smell his own farts on our list, check it out, because you might just be surprised…

30. And the Mom of the Year Award Goes to…

It seems obvious, but if you were going to chance going to prison for burglary, wouldn’t you at least steal something worthwhile?

A bag of Halloween candy at Walmart is about five bucks plus tax. Then again, if you are spending all your disposable income on meth, you probably need that Abe Lincoln.

29. Just ‘Cause I’m Pregnant Don’t Mean I Won’t…

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Would you believe that she posted this glamour shot to her Facebook page a couple hours before allegedly committing an armed robbery of a 7/11?

She was on parole at the time for, you guessed it, an armed robbery of a 7/11.

28. But That’s Not All, Folks

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This Christmas gem also happened to be lurking on the pregnant robber’s page!

Apparently, when she’s not holding up liquor stores, she’s taking her kids to the mall to meet Santa and just “doing normal mom stuff.”

And up next, we’ve got Kris Jenner way back in the ’90s during a trial you might remember…