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Women are always being picked apart and judged in our society; from the way they dress, to what they do, to what they say.

“It’s either that skirt is too short or she’s a prude,” said sociologist Anna Benares. “There’s very little middle ground for a modern woman to occupy. They’re either harlots or pristine, non-sexual mothers.”

And that’s not the only way that women are getting the raw end of the deal!

This is why us gals at SoPawfect thought it would be fun to turn the tables around on men.

That is right, boys, we are putting you all in the hot seat and telling it like it is.

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“Men in our generation are a new breed,” said Benares. “They don’t identify with a lot of the characteristics that were considered defining in previous eras.”

Does it seem like in today’s society, men lead with sex, they’re self-absorbed, and even a little cheap?

Yes, a lot of the time men definitely suck, but this article is not about that!

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This is simply a list of fifteen things that women, irrespective or age or culture, wished men would stop doing.

It’s just like the countless lists that float around the internet expressing the things that women should not be doing, but instead this is focused on the guys.

At the end of the day, everyone is different and prefers different qualities in men, however, there is some stuff that we at SoPawfect have a hard time believing any woman would appreciate.

We hope you men learn a little something, and ladies, you are totally welcome…