You’ll Never Believe What Rescuers Did with This Dog Stuck in a Pipe Full of SOLID Tar

Dogs don’t always know what they are getting themselves into; they can’t rationalize the same way a human can.  Dogs living in the streets of impoverished countries are always fighting to survive or find shelter for the night.

Some bozo left out a tube full of wet tar, and this poor dog thought she found herself a nice, cozy spot to sleep for the night.  Instead, she was encased in tar and trapped in the tube.  When rescuers found her, she was hyperventilating and terrified…


A street dog thought she found herself a cozy spot to sleep for the night…

Instead, she was trapped in tar.  Unable to escape the sticky tar, she became encased in it for several days before rescuers arrived…



The rescuers had no clue how to get her out.  It took some serious thinking and motivation.  Check out what they came up with next!

Click next to watch the full rescue video!


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