Woman Walks Her Dying Dog Down the Aisle on Her Wedding Day [Watch Here]

Often times our dogs become family.  We look at them the same way as our children, brothers, or maybe even cousins in some cases.  The woman featured in this video named Kelly O’Connell spent 15 years with her beloved dog, Charlie.

Due to old age, Charlie began suffering from a brain tumor.  He only had so long to live when Kelly decided to tie the knot with her man.  On their wedding day, Charlie could barely move, however, he hung onto life to be there for Kelly…


Meet Kelly O’Connell and Charlie the dog, they spent 15 years together.  When Kelly decided to get married, Charlie was suffering from a brain tumor…

Charlie meant the world to O’Connell.  During her wedding in Denver, CO, she honored Charlie in the most amazing way possible by carrying him down the aisle.  Charlie had become so sick, he could barely move…



After the beautiful wedding, it was almost as if Charlie knew it was time to let go and move on to the next life.  He passed away only a few days later.  The moments they shared on her wedding day will never be forgotten.  See the amazing full video next!

Click next to watch the full video!


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