Woman Lets Her Parakeet Play with a Grocery Store Egg, and Days Later the Unthinkable Happens

YouTube user, Luna Angel, was at the grocery store one day when she passed the quail eggs.  The tiny eggs made her think of her tiny parakeet at home.  She decided to buy a package and give one of the eggs to her parakeet, Pi-chan.

When Pi-chan received her gift, she lit right up.  Her maternal instincts fired, and she began caring for the egg like it was her own.  When Luna tried to take the egg back, Pi-chan wouldn’t allow her.  It looked like Luna’s experiment happened for a reason.

Pi-chan and her egg


A new family member

Growing fast!

Baby Food

Baby likes to play

The size of a fingertip

Happy Baby

Pure Love

See the full video below!

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