Woman Finds a Stray Dog in the Woods and Uses a Nifty Technique to Gain His Trust

Finding a dog in the great outdoors is much different than finding a dog on the streets.  A dog on the streets has a better chance of survival since it can still interact with humans and find food.  Dogs are too inherently domesticated now to survive among the wild beasts in the woods.

Two girls named Amanda and Dylan heard about a dog roaming around the woods in Washington State.  When they heard the story, they knew they needed to save the poor guy before nature took his life…


When they first found the dog, he was reluctant to interact with them.  They offered him food, but he didn’t come.

Then Amanda attempted to lay in a fetal position and hope he would come to her.  That didn’t work either…



She was determined to gain his trust and tried again.  This time she got closer to him and pretended to be injured.  She inched closer to him like a worm until she finally made contact!

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