When This Horse Spotted His Long Lost Friend, They Had the Reunion of a Lifetime

Reunions are the best!  Just like humans, animals remember their friends.  They may not have vivid memories like us, but when they catch a whiff of an old friend, they remember.  Horse experts believe horses are more like humans than we realize.

The woman in this video, Sue Blagburn, is a horse breeder and lover.  She bred a horse named Arthur and sold him four and half years before creating the following video.  When Arthur was a young lad, he spent a lot of time with his pals, Harry and William.  See what happens when they reunite…

Meet Sue Blagburn and her horse Arthur, she bred Arthur and sold him four and a half years before creating this reunion video.  After recovering Arthur, she had a special surprise for him…

Arthur grew up with two other horses, Harry and William.  The moment he laid eyes on them, he immediately recognized his old pals…


After creating the video, Blagburn said, “This 5-minute film is the editing down of almost an hour of extraordinary footage of amazing hugging and communicating, that even I didn’t think would be quite so loving and extraordinary.”  Check out the magical reunion next!

Click next to watch the full video!

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