When Mom Saw Her Dog Carrying a “Stick,” She Couldn’t Contain Her Emotions [Video]

We all know dogs can be big time goofballs.  They find pleasure in the simplest activities and prove to us how great it is just to be alive.  When we take our dogs for walks, they love to discover things along the way.  Sometimes those things are sticks.

When dogs find a stick they like, it can mean they want to play a game of fetch or maybe they just like a particular stick.  During this walk with Molly the dog, she found a unique “stick.”


What started out as a normal walk with Molly the dog quickly turned into something much more hilarious.  Mom couldn’t stop laughing during the entire walk home…

Molly found herself a stick, and she was dang proud of it.  She was determined to bring her new stick all the way home…



The funny part is the stick was more of a tree than a normal stick.  Watch the full hilarious video next!

Click next to watch the full video!


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