When It Came Time to Leave the Dog Park, This Husky Went BANANAS!

Dogs love the dog park just as much as children love the human park.  They get to play with all of their friends and run free.  It’s vital for dogs to get a ton of exercise to stay happy.  A dog will always let you know when it has too much energy to burn.

When it came time for Dakota the Siberian Husky to leave the dog park, he wasn’t quite ready to go.  Similar to a child, he threw a hilarious tantrum begging his humans to stay…

Meet Dakota the Siberian Husky, he loves the dog park!  When it came time to go, he put up a hilarious fight…

Mom told dad to try and pick him up, but Dakota wasn’t having any of it!

He basically magnetized himself to the ground!  Even mom couldn’t help but laugh!  Check out the full video next!

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